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An Au Pair is a young person usually aged between 18 and 30, unmarried with no children, who goes abroad for a temporary period to live with a host family. While there, the Au Pair acts as a temporary extra family member, and assists his/her host family with childcare and light housework.

The term ‘Au Pair’ is French and means “by mutual agreement”. With this in mind, Au Pairs receive pocket money; live free of charge with their host families, just like regular family members; and share meals with the families. The pocket money and amount of working hours are defined by the regulations of the host country. The main objective of an Au Pair placement is the mutual cultural exchange within an informal setting. The Au Pair gains new experiences, impressions and perspectives – all advantages, both personally and in their future careers.

A host family has at least one child under the age of 16 and invites an Au Pair from a foreign country for a defined period of time to live with them and join in family life. Single parents also qualify as host families if their children live with them on a permanent basis. The main duty of an Au Pair is looking after the host family’s children and helping with light housework. In return, the family provide their Au Pair with free accommodation and meals in the family home. They also pay the Au Pair an agreed amount of pocket money. (Working hours and pocket money amount are defined by the host country regulations). The Au Pair should also have the opportunity to improve his/her language skills by attending a language course.

The Au Pair program is primarily a cultural exchange, so the host family and Au Pair need to belong to different nationalities. The first challenge is the find the perfect match for both parties. Then there are several organisational points to consider before the Au Pair travels to the host family’s country; these include visa, insurance, bank account and packing. To make sure there is complete cooperation between Au Pair and the host family, and that there are no misunderstandings, an Au Pair contract is signed, on which all the important details are noted.

Write as much about yourself as possible and include hobbies, interests and experience. It is important to add a picture and an introduction video, if possible – this will increase your chance of a match. Your profile gives people an insight into the type of person you are, and will help with matching in the search. Our platform on Au Pair Europe is easy to use.

If you are a host family, please include your location, family story and an insight into your day-to-day family routine. It is important to add a picture and an introduction video, if possible – this will increase your chance of a match. Remember that the profile gives people an insight into your family and the life you lead, and will help with matching in the search.

Our profiles contain all the information you need to know about your potential match – this saves you time. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at Au Pair Europe.

Once you register your profile with Au Pair Europe, you can search through our database for profiles from all over the world that suit your requirements. Personalise your profile with information such as location, experience and preferred country. You can even upload your own introduction video. When you have found a suitable match, you can contact the match via private messages, online chat or email. Always interview via Skype – we have a list of questions to ask over Skype below.

Once both parties are happy, the family must offer a Letter of Invitation (click here). This letter is the official offer and includes hours, pocket money, start date and any additional rules or information you need about the placement. Please be advised to check the advised pocket money and hours for your host country (click here).

Once both parties sign the letter of invitation, the placement is official and flights can be booked. Please be advised to check all references for your safety.

Au Pair Europe offers families and Au Pairs the chance to have the most up-to-date profiles along with private messages, online chat, introduction videos and one-click Skype calls. All profiles are very detailed to help you choose quickly and confidently. We also offer a quick search option, which allows you to find your perfect match within seconds. We also offer some valuable advice and resources for both host families and Au Pairs, such as a list of questions to ask your potential choice via Skype, information on locations, and general information on Au Pair programs all over the world.



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