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What Au Pair Europe offers:

  • Safe and secure environment to find your perfect placement
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What is a host family?

A host family has at least one child under the age of 16 and invites an Au Pair from a foreign country for a defined period of time to live with them and join in family life. Single parents also qualify as host families if their children live with them on a permanent basis. The main duty of an Au Pair is looking after the host family’s children and helping with light housework. In return, the family provide their Au Pair with free accommodation and meals in the family home. They also pay the Au Pair an agreed amount of pocket money. (Working hours and pocket money amount are defined by the host country regulations). The Au Pair should also have the opportunity to improve his/her language skills by attending a language course.

How does the Au Pair program work?

The Au Pair program is primarily a cultural exchange, so the host family and Au Pair need to belong to different nationalities. The first challenge is the find the perfect match for both parties. Then there are several organisational points to consider before the Au Pair travels to the host family’s country; these include visa, insurance, bank account and packing. To make sure there is complete cooperation between Au Pair and the host family, and that there are no misunderstandings, an Au Pair contract is signed, on which all the important details are noted.

Please remember to check the Visa requirements needed to be able to host an Au Pair or Carer from their particular country.

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Example table of Countries vs Pocket Money

COUNTRY Hours / Per Wk Pocket Money Per Month
Australia 25-30 850-1000 AU$
Austria 20 €385
Belgium 20 €450
Canada 25 810 CAD
Denmark 30 3.200 DKK
Finland 30 €250-€260
France 35 €260-€320
Germany 30 €310 (€260 + €50)
Iceland 30 40.000 IKR
Ireland 15-30 €400
Italy 30 €250-€300
Japan 30 40.000 Yen
Netherlands 30 €340
New Zealand 40 $600-$800
Norway 30 5000 NOK
Spain 30 €200-€250
Sweden 25 3500 SEK
Switzerland 30 500-750 CHF
United Kingdom 30 £280-GBP
USA 40 $800